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Installation: The Warner Theatre

The story of Washington D.C.’s Warner Theatre
is one that could be repeated about
dozens of theaters around the country that
began as classic art deco movie palaces, which
in a bygone age, hosted silent films and vaudeville
performers. As the years continued, many
of these fell to the wayside, yet a fortunate few
— like the Warner Theatre — were reborn and
restored to reflect their former glory.

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Andrea Bocelli: live in Miami!

Andrea Bocelli

The first date of Andrea Bocelli's world tour

Setup @Rochestown

Sound Hire PA Systems Outline Ireland
Sound Hire PA Systems Outline Ireland

This is a set up we did recently for a wedding.

New Bass Bins

Now we've got the nicest bottom end in Ireland with our new bass bins.
DBS 18-2 iMODE
Self-powered subwoofer system. One built-in PWM power module (3000 Watts @ 8 Ohms) iMoDe platform remotely controllable.
two 18” long-throw woofers. Maximum sound pressure (143 dBSPL peak @ 1 metre).

Outline GTO at WOMAD - World of Music, Arts and Dance

“I heard about it through [leading FOH mixer] Richard Sharratt, and, of course, [Brit Row’s] Bryan Grant.

Using the Outline GTO we’ve been able to up the SPL without impacting on offsite levels.”

He adds that it’s one of the best he’s ever heard: no feint praise.


Derrick Zieba – Head of Sound


Sting in Brescia : sound by Outline

Sting and orchestra enchant Piazza della Loggia: the sound reinforcement was by Outline


Brescia, Italy , 31st July 2011 – After the concerts in Palermo , Venice and Rome , Sting’s Symphonicity Tour arrived in the northern Italian city of Brescia .


In this extraordinary world tour the English singer – with 100 million record sales to his credit – performed his biggest hits with a symphonic slant, accompanied by the Ensemble Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the charming Sarah Hicks, plus band members Jorge Calandrelli, David Hartley, Michel Legrand, Rob Mathes, Vince Mendoza, Steven Mercurio, Bill Ross, Robert Sadin and Nicola Tescari.


The Outline loudspeaker system installed in Brescia ’s Piazza della Loggia – twelve Butterfly, nine Mantas and fourSubtech per side – was entirely flown, following a precise request to this effect by US FOH engineer Howard Page: there was not even one sub on the ground. Just six Outline Mantas units, positioned right up against the stage and used as front-fill systems for the benefit of the front rows of spectators.


The system was designed using Outline OpenArray 3D software, a 3D simulator able to predict the electro-acoustic results expected from a live show or a permanent installation.


Cipiesse Produzioni per lo Spettacolo (www.cipiesse-bs.itwas the Brescia rental firm that supplied the equipment and handled the entire operation.


“We simulated everything with the Outline software a few days before the show and, after the installation on the morning of Sunday 31st, realized why a monument should be built to OpenArray 3D: the simulation reflected reality with surgical precision”, – comments Giancarlo Paladini, head audio technician on behalf of Cipiesse.


“One of the challenges to be faced was that of obtaining 110 decibels of SPL over the entire square and no spill on to the stage, above all of low frequencies. The requests by Sting’s technical staff continued with the need to mount delay systems half-way down the square and not use subs. These were the results: no delays half-way down the square, in spite of the 73 metres to be covered length-wise and 110 decibels of SPL guaranteed with wonderful uniformity, exceeding even Sting’s technicians’ expectations. To manage to carry this out we used two distinct Outline VLA, with an array made up exclusively of subs between them. 9+9 Mantas elements (120°) were aimed at the audience in such as way as to cover a distance of 30 metres , while for the remaining distance we had 12+12 Butterfly enclosures”, continues Paladini.


“As I said, there was also a third array, made up of just subs, positioned between the Mantas and the Butterfly systems. Following the sound engineer’s precise instructions – since a 50-piece orchestra is no joke to handle – we kept the stage clear of low frequencies, once more using OpenArray 3D so successfully that, thanks to a rather unusual cardioid sub configuration, somebody on stage even said that the subs were switched off!” – concludes Paladini.


Just a few days earlier, in Piazza della Loggia, Cipiesse used its Outlinearrays to amplify the (sold-out) concert by Jethro Tull.


Outline GTO for Mike & The Mechanics at Royal Albert Hall

Mike & The Mechanics, the multi-million selling side-project formed in 1984 by Genesis guitarist Mike Rutherford, recently played London’s Royal Albert Hall to launch their 2011 “Hit The Road” tour. Featuring a new lineup which includes UK R&B star Andrew Roachford, the tour coincides with the release of their first album in six years entitled ‘The Road’. Concert production for the tour is being handled by Britannia Row Productions who deployed an Outline GTO-based system for the Royal Albert Hall, the second outing for the Italian manufacturer’s new flagship technology in the legendary venue. The main system comprised L&R hangs of twelve GTO elements, with three Outline Mantas underhung from each array plus three along the stage lip to cover the nearfield. Side-hangs of thirteen Outline Butterfly elements covered the bleachers while an under-stage array of Outline Subtech 218 subwoofers provided low frequency reinforcement. Britannia Row’s Bryan Grant was at the show and said afterwards, ‘This venue is not the easiest in which to create a system design that provides even coverage and, especially when full, it is necessary to deliver full-range coverage of more than 270 degrees in the horizontal plus around 50-60 feet in the vertical. The GTO system providing the bulk of the L&R mix sounded just as good as we’ve come to expect, and the fact that we could easily integrate other products from the Outline range to create a commonly-voiced system to cover the whole room made it relatively easy to get this right’. FOH engineer and producer Matteo Cifelli, whose many production and engineering credits include Tom Jones, Blue, Zucchero, and Il Divo said, ‘I have used Outline Butterfly on numerous occasions, always with great results and so it is always my first PA choice when I’m on tour, but this was my first show with GTO. Its development from Butterfly was immediately evident as it has the same punch, intelligibility and tight coverage pattern, but GTO provides noticeably more energy: almost a Butterfly system on steroids, yet its ‘detail’ gives me the sensation of mixing in a studio environment. Mike & The Mechanics is not a loud band, but GTO’s headroom and effortless power enabled me to create a very dynamic and well controlled mix with plenty of space for everything. A ‘top of the class’ speaker, I’m very impressed’.