Live sound

Installation: The Warner Theatre

The story of Washington D.C.’s Warner Theatre
is one that could be repeated about
dozens of theaters around the country that
began as classic art deco movie palaces, which
in a bygone age, hosted silent films and vaudeville
performers. As the years continued, many
of these fell to the wayside, yet a fortunate few
— like the Warner Theatre — were reborn and
restored to reflect their former glory.

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New Bass Bins

Now we've got the nicest bottom end in Ireland with our new bass bins.
DBS 18-2 iMODE
Self-powered subwoofer system. One built-in PWM power module (3000 Watts @ 8 Ohms) iMoDe platform remotely controllable.
two 18” long-throw woofers. Maximum sound pressure (143 dBSPL peak @ 1 metre).